Treasures of Texas
Texas Governor Rick Perry and Official Artist of Texas, George Boutwell
hold the first in the edition of "Treasures of Texas".
Limited Editions of America
10 Official Symbols of Texas
Depicted in "Treasures of Texas"
Our goal at Limited Editions of America is quite simple.  Instill in the
viewer a sense of pride and patriotism toward ones State and country.

"America's Treasures" series contains each State of the Union  having
a picture containing 10 official symbols of that State in a natural wild
life setting that depicts each state in its best light.  So far we have
produced State pictures for Tennessee, Kentucky, and now The Great
State of Texas.

Currently, we are seeking a Proclamation through Governor Perry to
make "Treasures of Texas" The Official Painting of Texas.  When this
happens, "Treasures of Texas" will not be just a picture done by the
Official State Artist, George Boutwell, but a piece of Texas History.
There will be a limited amount of lithographs available.  The amount is
determined by the year of statehood.  Texas became the 28th State to
join the union on December 29, 1845.  Therefore, the edition size is
1,845 with 254 artists proofs ( one for each County in Texas).

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Our centerpiece for "America's Treasures" series is called "Freedom".  
It depicts two Eagles soaring over the nations capital painted in such a
way as to symbolize 'Protect and Serve' to honor the service men and
women of our armed forces.  The picture's conception holds
significance in that in was painted back in 1997.  It's not like so many
other paintings that came out after 911 but rather painted when
Patriotism wasn't as popular as it is today.  We are actively pursuing
sponsorship through the Federal Legislative Body to make "Freedom"
the Official Painting of The United States of America.

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Newest addition to  "America's Treasures" series
Our Goal
Patriotic patriotism pride USA U.S. A. United States of America American Michael Sloan George
Boutwell Texas Kentucky official symbols symbol flag seal loyal loyalty tree animal flower rock gem
plant bird art artist picture honor, protect and serve, eagle, nations capitol, in God we trust, American
beauty rose,  

“Tennessee Treasures Too“, a remarkably beautiful limited edition fine art print created  by the
first Official Artist of Tennessee, Michael Sloan, became the official picture for the Great State of
Tennessee on the 23rd of  May, 2007, after passing a unanimous vote in both the Senate and

The designation of ‘Tennessee Treasures One and Too” as the official pictures for the state of
Tennessee marks the first time in the history of the United States that any state has adopted a
picture (much less two) as its state symbols.  This is truly a masterful accomplishment on
behalf of artist, Michael Sloan.

“Tennessee Treasures Too” joins “Tennessee Treasures” (Tennessee’s first Official Painting)
LITERALLY in capturing the splendor and richness of Tennessee‘s lush emerald green
landscapes and abundant wildlife.  Another first for Tennessee and the United States.  The two
paintings put side by side fuse together into a panoramic view of Tennessee’s official flora and
fauna (17 official symbols in all).  Michael Sloan remarked,” I was gratified to hear that the
General Assembly unanimously passed the Resolution designating “Tennessee Treasures Too
“ as official.  Now the painting can be rightfully added to “Tennessee Treasures“ to complete the
set of official paintings of the state’s natural symbols.”

“Tennessee Treasures” is a very effective visual tool for teaching young school children the state
symbols; but the main purpose for these paintings is to invoke in the viewer a sense of pride
and patriotism towards their  state..  At least 90% of all schools and court houses have these
pictures on display.  

Symbols in “Tennessee Treasures Too”;               Symbols in “Tennessee Treasures”;        
State Game Bird - Bob White Quail                            State Wild Animal – Raccoon
State Cultured Flower - Iris                                          State Cultured Flower – Iris
State Agriculture Insect – Honey Bee                        State Insect – Lady Bug
State Wild Flower – Passion Flower                         State Wild Flower – Passion Flower
State Insect – Lighting Bug                                         State Stone – Limestone
State Commercial Fish – Channel Catfish              State Fish – Large Mouth Bass        
State Rock – Agate                                                       State Butterfly – Zebra Swallowtail
State Tree – Tulip Poplar                                            State Tree – Tulip Poplar
State Bicentennial Tree – Yellow Wood                   State Gem – Fresh Water Pearl
State Reptile – Eastern Box Turtle                             State Bird – Mocking Bird

There are 1,796 prints in this limited edition series, each of which is hand-signed and
numbered by artist, Michael Sloan.  The number 1796 commemorates the year that Tennessee
first became a state.

Limited Edition of America is currently in the process  of creating a painting for each state in the
union done in the same format of 10 official symbols depicted in a natural wild life setting.  
Besides Tennessee,  Limited Editions have completed pictures for Kentucky and Texas with a
national picture consisting of two eagles soaring over the nations capital which is the center
piece for the series called “America’s Treasures”.  To get a framed and matted, signed and
numbered picture at the wholesale price, visit their web site at or
call 615-868-7915.
Pictured from left to right
Dustin Ware, Rep. Susan Lynn, Argyll Ware, Gov. Phil Bredesen,
"Tennessee Treasures Too", Artist Michael Sloan, Sen. Mae Beavers, Maxine Romsa
Official Symbols of
Tennessee depicted in
"Tennessee Treasures Too"